Cameroon women’s team/Kelly Smith
Cameroon women’s team/Kelly Smith

England Legend, Kelly Smith, Slams Cameroon Women’s Team 

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

England football legend, Kelly Smith, has slammed Cameroon women’s national team for their unprofessional display and behaviour during their 3-0 defeat to England in the ongoing 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup hosted by France.

"It’s such a shame that even though England are into the world cup quarterfinals, all we can talk about is Cameroon and their bizzare unacceptable behaviour in Valenciennes.

“It really was a wild game and a surreal one to watch. Cameroon were so hot-headed and they couldn't control their emotions. I don't think anyone in the football world has seen anything like it. I was watching in the Fox Sports studio and we were thinking that the players might not have even come out for the second half at one point!

“It really did not look good to the outside world and punishment needs to happen because what we saw was unacceptable. I hope that FIFA come down hard on Cameroon. A FIFA official was talking to the team at halftime but clearly it didn't make a difference to their behaviour. That sort of ill discipline just cannot happen in any kind of football game at any level whether it's under-9s, a women's game, a men's game or whatever.

“As a player I cannot imagine ever acting like Cameroon did. You must accept each game for what it is, accept the rules and what VAR has given you. Respect the game, respect the referee and just play the game.

“You have to look at the manager and the lack of leadership he showed. He completely lost control of the players,” she said during an interview with ‘Betfair’.

The drama started from England's second goal, scored by Ellen White, which was originally ruled out as offside but was later given as a goal by the Video Assistance Referee [VAR]. That decision left the indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon livid and they looked like they were not going to play the remainder of the second half.

Things, however, got more complicated when Cameroon scored their only goal, then the VAR played devil's advocate and ruled it out as offside.

The cameroonians became more erratic and threw insane tackles. One was so bad that the victim, Steph Houghton, captain of the England women's team was taken off writhing in pain following a bad tackle from a cameroonian forward. It remains to be seen if FIFA will take disciplinary actions.

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