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Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez Accuses Goalkeeper Of Disrupting A Game With Handball 

Luis Suarez with one of his antics again.

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

Luis Suarez, Barcelona and Uruguay forward, is at it again with his on the pitch antics and sheer audacity in complaining.

After beating Chellini, the Italian defender, some years back and using his hand to stop a goal shot in the 2010 world cup, in which the resulting penalty was missed by Asamoah Gyang and Ghana was sent packing from the world cup, who would forget Suarez antics? Not Ghanaians.

Suarez and his Uruguay team faced off defending the champions of the Copa America in the midnight hours of Tuesday morning. The encounter was feisty. However, Luis Suarez got a one on one chance with the Chilean goalkeeper and tried to run past the goalie and slot one into the back of the net but Chile goalie, Gabriel Arias, stood his ground and punched the ball away for a corner-kick.

The Uruguay forward was livid. He ran to the referee gesturing with his own hands that it was a handball. It seemed like he was pulling one of his antics again or he had temporary amnesia and had forgotten the person who punched the ball off his feet was a goalkeeper. The referee turned a blind eye to his complaints.

PSG striker, Edinson Cavani, broke the deadlock on the 82nd minute to give Uruguay a much needed win and that goal sets up a quarterfinal clash on Saturday between Uruguay and Peru in the 2019 Copa America.