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Florijana Ismaili
Florijana Ismaili

Swiss Female Footballer Goes Missing In Italy 

Jayfred Ugo

Florijana Ismaili, one of the players on the Switzerland women's national team, has been declared missing.

Her club side made an official announcement declaring her missing on Sunday after her vacation on Saturday went from fun to bizarre.

The club informed the public that Ismaili had taken a day off to relax at Lake Como, located in northern Italy, with a teammate. The two had rented an inflated boat and had then taken a hike down the river in Musso when Ismaili dived into the water for a swim but never resurfaced.

Ismail has been on the Swiss national team for over five years now, making her debut for her country in a 2-1 victory over Portugal in 2014 and has been a starter ever since. She is also the captain of BSC young boys, a top flight club in Switzerland top tier league, women’s division.

Further reports indicate that divers had covered the perimeter on Saturday evening around 4:30 pm and stopped when it was too dark. The search party reconvened on Sunday and continued the search but the footballer has not been found dead or alive.