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Guardiola Ready To Allow His Players Choose Their Next Captain 

Jayfred Ugo

The departure of Vincent Kompany has left a big void in City's defense but a bigger void in the captaincy role. That position will be vacant in the new EPL season for the first time in over a decade. However, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, has passed the veto to his players to decide who should be their new captain.

“They will choose the captain when we are all together. After they are all back (they are) going to make a meeting and decide who is going to be captain,” Guardiola said.

So far, David Silva has been the assisting captain whenever Kompany is not available to play on the pitch. This means that he should be next in line if Kompany leaves. It is a matter of fact that, on Wednesday, David captained "the cityzens" in their preseason game against westham in China. 28-year-old play maker, Kevin De Bryune, is among the notable mentions for the armband and he has announced that he will gladly accept the role if offered to him.

About the captaincy, I don’t know. If the team wants me to be captain, or the club does, I would gladly accept it but I think that’s something everybody needs to talk about as a team, as a club

Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne

The captain seat will have to be kept vacant for now till the likes of Ederson, Gabriel Jesus, Fernandinho, Riyad Mahrez, Aguero, Otamendi, and others on vacation/continental duties return fully. So till then, David Silva would continue his acting duties.

Unlike many other managers who would have picked their favourite player in the squad for the role or traditionally picked the longest-serving player in the club, Pep Guardiola is not a regular manager and his ways of managing a squad are impeccable.