Real Madrid Reclaims The Throne As Forbes Richest Football Club 

Real Madrid Reclaims The Throne As Forbes Richest Football Club 

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Real Madrid have been re-inaugurated as the most valuable football club franchise, toppling Manchester United who have now fallen behind to third on Forbes’ list of the most valuable football clubs and sixth on top 50 most valuable sports teams in 2019.

The Spanish rivalry has taken the summit of valuable football clubs in the world. Real Madrid and Barcelona are third and fourth respectively on the list of Forbes' 50 most valuable teams, with the National Football League [NFL] big boys, Dallas Cowboys, once again reclaiming the top spot. Another American franchise, New York Yankees, comes second, closely followed by two football clubs. See the top 10 listed below.

Top 10 Most valuable sports teams 2019:

1. Dallas Cowboys
Value: $5 billion

2. New York Yankees
Value: $4.6 billion

3. Real Madrid
Value: $4.24 billion

4. Barcelona
Value: $4.02 billion

5. New York Knicks
Value: $4 billion

6. Manchester United
Value: $3.81 billion

7. New England Patriots
Value: $3.8 billion

8. Los Angeles Lakers
Value: $3.7 billion

9. Golden State Warriors
Value: $3.5 billion

10. [tie] Los Angeles Dodgers
Value: $3.3 billion

10. [tie] New York Giants
Value: $3.3 billion

The Red Devils, Manchester United, dropped from second in the 2018 list to sixth in 2019. A torrid season with no trophies has badly affected the English club, in terms of revenues generated. However, this becomes the fourth consecutive year that the Cowboys have topped the list with a valuation of $5 billion [US dollars]. Only three football clubs make the list, American soccer, baseball and basketball occupy the rest of the top 10 slots.

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