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Police Close Neymar’s Rape Case Over Lack Of Evidence

Jayfred Ugo

A lady identified as Najila Trindade came out in late May to accuse the world’s most expensive footballer, Neymar JR, of raping her in a Paris hotel room on May 15, 2019.

The accusation caused a major uproar in Brazil, as the golden boy, Neymar, was called out by sports media outlets and activists in diaspora.

Najila Trindade and Neymar
Najila Trindade and Neymar

The embattled Paris Saint Germain winger took to Instagram to release a video footage showing the initial WhatsApp messages he had with the accuser.

The messages contained raunchy sex talks and nude videos of Trindade. Instagram took down the explicit video for violation of the social media rule. The video revealed that the accuser was begging him for sex. She even sent videos of herself in sex positions to entice the 27-year-old footballer.

Trindade, however, insisted that Neymar forcefully had sex with her, leaving her frustrated, and she also swore not to rest until the former Barcelona man paid for what he did to her.

So far, the young model has no concrete evidence against the football star. She released a video of them arguing and she slapping Neymar but that showed no evidence of rape. She later claimed that the footage of Neymar raping her was in her tablet that was stolen.

Her first and second legal teams dropped out of the case, saying there were so many loopholes in her story that did not add up. The third lawyer, Danilo Gracia de Andrade, also pulled out of the case, stating that Trindade had no evidence whatsoever to back her claims.

The Brazilian police have now suspended the case after investigations were made, giving the judge presiding over the case 15 days to make a final verdict. The final verdict is most likely to be Neymar's acquittal.