Stade Rennes Fan Sues Neymar For French Cup Slap

Austin Papi

On Thursday, a Brazilian judge accepted a recommendation from prosecutors to close the investigation into the rape allegations against Neymar based on the lack of evidence.

But it seems like the Brazilian star, Neymar, would be heading back to court, as a Stade Rennes supporter, whom he had slapped during the Paris Saint-Germain's French Cup finals loss last season, has now filed a lawsuit against him.

The fan's lawyer, Philippe Ohayon, told French sports newspaper, ‘L 'Equipe’, that his client, whose identity remains undisclosed, has decided to take legal action after a meeting between members of Neymar's entourage and the alleged victim failed to ease the tension in both camps.

The incident occurred when Stade Rennes defeated Paris Saint Germain (PSG) 6-5 on penalties following an intense 2-2 draw in the finals at the Stade de France. A man, who happens to be a Rennes supporter, was filming and threw out verbal insults on the players as they walked up the stairs to collect their runner-up medals.

Neymar reacted angrily to the fan and even exchanged a few words with him before raising his hand slap to him.

Watch video of the incident:

Though the PSG striker has already been given a three-game ban for lashing out at the fan in April, which he is currently serving, it seems the fan is not satisfied with Neymar's punishment and is seeking to drag the footballer to court for the incident.

In the midst of the crisis, Neymar is on the verge of joining Real Madrid, following advanced talks with the Spanish giants. A PSG official confirmed that the club is currently negotiating a deal with Madrid for the services of the 27-year-old winger.

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