Klopp Gave UCL Team Talk In CR7 Boxers - Wijnaldum

Austin Papi

Liverpool midfielder, Gini Wijnaldum, has reminisced on a hilarious moment that occurred during the 2018 pre-Champions League final meeting.

Prior to the UEFA Champions League final against Real Madrid, Liverpool's coach, Jurgen Klopp, addressed the team while flaunting Cristiano Ronaldo underpants.

"We saw he was wearing the boxer shorts of Cristiano Ronaldo," the Dutchman told ‘The Athletic’. "He did the meeting with his shirt stuffed inside his 'CR7' boxers. The whole changing room was on the floor laughing their heads off.

"That really broke the ice. Usually in those situations, everyone is serious and concentrated. But he was relaxed and made this joke.

"He’s done hundreds of jokes like that. If you see that your manager is really confident and relaxed, it will have an effect on players. He is a father figure in those things for the players. With his jokes and his body language, he takes the pressure off players."

That was Liverpool's first UEFA Champions League final since 2007. Wijnaldum said that pressure was on the Liverpool team to deliver. Real Madrid had already won two back-to-back UCL titles. Klopp, who has always been a charismatic coach, knew the lads were nervy. He lifted the pressure off the squad by arriving for a team meeting wearing Ronaldo-branded boxers.

Ronaldo was then Real Madrid goal poacher and best player. He was the man that Liverpool had to watch out for and Klopp, wearing his branded boxers, made the players feel like their manager was jokingly saying they had nothing to fear and that made them happy.

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