England Warned By Kosovo Manager, Challandes

England Warned By Kosovo Manager, Challandes

Austin Papi

The 68-year-old Kosovo manager, Bernard Challandes, has threatened the three lions of England over the alleged "crazy" pressing they will face from his side during Tuesday's European qualifier match.

The Kosovo coach, who hails from Switzerland, left reporters astonished at his press conference on Sunday, as he yelled out an explanation of his tactical approach to the team.

"It's tactical pressing," Challandes said. "In a crazy game, it's go, return, go, go, go, go, go! ...

"It's, for me, crazy pressing," he said.

Kosovo unbeaten in 14 matches since March 2018
Kosovo unbeaten in 14 matches since March 2018

Kosovo currently sits pretty in second position in Group A, only behind England, and are now looking to maintain their unbeaten run in the Euro 2020 qualification campaign, having won two and drawn two of their opening four fixtures already.

Kosovo boss, Bernard Challandes, took charge of the national team of Kosovo in March 2018, and has since then enjoyed an extraordinary campaign in his reign as manager of the team, going 14 games unbeaten in his tenure.

The national team of England, with the likes of Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Sterling and many other fire power players, will drown Kosovo with goals but if Challandes’ threats and track record for the Kosovo team are anything to go by, then England has their work cut out for them.

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