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Statue Of Zlatan Ibrahimovic To Be Unveiled In Sweden  

Jayfred Ugo

A statue in honour of the former AC Milan and PSG striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has an iconic reputation in Swedish football, has been erected in his hometown, Malmo, Sweden.

According to reports, the statue will be unveiled in October to honour Ibrahimovic's illustrious career which began in Malmo in 1999.

Ibrahimovic's statue
Ibrahimovic's statue

The statue, which is reported to be 2.7 metres tall and weighs 500kg, is made of bronze. Although it has been under construction for the past few years, the statue will be ready for unveiling and will be presented as a gift to the 37-year-old by the Swedish Football Association in October. The Secretary General of the Association, Hakan Sjostrand, declared Ibrahimovic the greatest Swedish footballer of all time.

"The statue will forever be a great manifestation of Sweden's greatest and one of the world's best footballers of all time," Hakan said.

According to sources, the precise date for the unveiling is October 8 and the statue will be mounted in the square between Malmo’s old and new stadiums where Ibrahimovic's career began.

Zlatan, who has been recently named LA Galaxy captain, has expressed his joy at the astonishing news of his statue.

"I'm very happy with the decision to place the statue in Malmo, it was my wish from the very beginning. This is where everything started, and this is where my heart is," he stated.

Ibrahimovic earned his reputation as one of the best and most feared strikers in the world with his famous overhead kick against England. He has had a remarkable 20-year career and is known for his trademark goals.