Serge Gnabry
Serge Gnabry

Bayern Munich Manipulated Gnabry To Leave Arsenal - Arsene Wenger

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Former Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger, has announced that he believes the German club giants, Bayern Munich, were manipulating in the acquisition of 24-year-old Serge Gnabry.

The German winger left Arsenal in 2016 because of sufficient playing time with the Gunners' first team. He was sent on a series of loans but eventually opted for a permanent transfer to Germany after being lured by Bayern.

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

Wenger hinted that Bayern Munich might have lured Gnabry away from North London.

“We tried to extend his contract for a very long time and I think that Bayern manipulated behind the scenes, that if he went to Bremen he would join Bayern after,” he said.

“He was always a very talented boy who lacked confidence in some stages, but we always thought we had a player who could achieve a lot.

“He came back from a very bad experience on loan at West Brom where his confidence was destroyed. I tried to rebuild him because I believed in him,” Wenger said during a brief interview with a sports media outlet.

Wenger took charge of Arsenal in September 1996, then went on to spend 22 years at the club. He is the longest serving coach in Arsenal's history. He is also the most successful coach, winning three English Premier League titles and a record 7 FA Cups for the Emirate outfit.

During the Frenchman's extensive career in Arsenal, he was widely known for grooming young players whilst shunning huge money transfer on ready made footballers.

It would come as a surprise that Wenger did not groom Gnabry and let him leave, but the ex-Arsenal man has claimed the winger left after being manipulated by Bayern Munich.

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