Victor Ikpeba
Victor Ikpeba

Victor Ikpeba Advises Youths To Give Their Best To Adron Games

Bernard Femi

Former Super Eagles striker, Victor Ikpeba, was a special guest of honour at the 2019 Adron Games which involved higher institutions across the country playing against each other.

Ikpeba, who was a former player for YABA College of Technology before he turned professional, noted that games like this are not mostly taken seriously by the players, as they feel no one is watching.

The game started on Friday and will run till Sunday at the University of Ibadan. The teams from all higher institutions will compete in the GMD challenge, while the staff of Adron Homes and organizers of the game will compete for honour in basketball, cycling, football and long jump.

Ikpeba tasked the students to take the competition seriously, as it may help boost their career and make them become stars in the future. He further commended the staff for taking it upon themselves to organize the competition, stating that it was a mode of exercise and would help them to keep fit.

"When I started playing football at YABATECH and did not know how far I will go but I kept giving my best and became a Super Eagles player and won gold at the Olympics as well as played at the World Cup. You can also rise from Adron Games to become world stars,” Ikpeba stated.

The winner of the event will take home cash prizes, according to the Group Managing Director of Adron Homes Group, Adetola Emmanuel King.

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