Super Eagles
Super Eagles

Super Eagles Ranked 19th Most Valuable National Team In The World

Bernard Femi

The Nigerian national team is currently getting the attention it deserves, as the team is ranked among the top 20 most valuable national teams in the world, according to a report from the transfer market.

The Super Eagles sit at the 34th position in the world and third position in Africa. This recent ranking was made after the Super Eagles ended their two friendly matches in a stalemate. The team played Ukraine and Brazil to a draw.

The combined value of the current Super Eagles is said to be worth €219 million, according to statistics based on each player on the team. Super Eagles and Senegal were the only African countries on the list, with Senegal taking the 11th position.

France is number one and valued at €1.23bn, with England, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, the Netherlands and Brazil making the list.

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