Liverpool Set To Take Action After Racist Origi Banner

Austin Papi

The Football club, Liverpool, has come forward to condemn a banner which was displayed by some fans.

The banner in question had a crooked picture of Liverpool's forward, Divock Origi, with a large penis. The banner is said to be a racist stereotype which the Merseyside club has called “highly offensive and inappropriate.”

The censored picture of Origi's banner
The censored picture of Origi's banner

The banner was displayed by away fans at the Luminus Arena, home of the Belgain club side, Genk, prior to their intense tie against Liverpool in the Champions League group stage.

After an online rebuff of the banner on social media, it prompted the club officials to remove all pictures and banners portraying a racist melodrama from all websites.

An official statement from Liverpool football club reads:

"Liverpool Football Club condemns the offensive banner displayed in our section of the ground, prior to kick off.

"To be clear, the image used perpetuated a racist stereotype. This is completely unacceptable."

The banner was classified as a stereotype because of the historical meaning and its origin in the oppression of black men in America. The banner displayed an animalistic portrayal which was aimed at showing the sexual threat posed by African American men towards white women in particular.

The origin of this stereotypical meaning isn’t widely known. Meanwhile, some fans have opted to defend the banner on social media. Some said the banner was to praise Divock Origi as a player with big balls and a huge prospect for the Reds.

What are your thoughts about the banner?

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