Dutch Matches To Halt In First Minute In Anti-Racism Message

Dutch Matches To Halt In First Minute In Anti-Racism Message

Austin Papi

According to reports emerging from Netherlands, every club in the country will stop playing for one minute to take a stand against racism following the abuse suffered by Excelsior's player, identified as Ahmad Mendes Moreira.

Moreira, who was targeted by fans’ Dutch side, Den Bosch, in Sunday's second-tier Eerste Divisie game, was seen shouting back at the fans, which caused the game to be halted.

The Excelsior striker reacted to the racist chants by covering his ears with his hands, and much later, he confronted the stands after scoring, following the restart of the game.

Den Bosch later apologised for the treatment he received at the hands of their supporters, although they denied that they contained a racist element.

However, the KNVB governing body, after further investigations, is determined to make a firm stance on the ever-persistent racial discrimination and decided to show an unprecedented display of solidarity, which will take place across the Netherlands.

All the national clubs are expected to have the matches temporarily stopped in the first minute of every Eredivisie and lower league game, with players staying on the pitch.

A message will simultaneously be shown in each stadium, stating: “Racism? Then we won't play."

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