Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs To Undergo Laser Hair Transplant 

Austin Papi

Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs, has disclosed that he is having a laser hair transplant treatment to combat his hair loss. He attributed the cause of his hair loss to the 'stress' of playing for Man United.

Ryan Giggs has explained his decision to opt for a hair transplant now following the stresses of the beautiful game which caused him to go thin on top.

The 46-year-old Wales national team coach played over 950 games for Manchester United, and he was an integral part of the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

Giggs recalled in an interview with hair transplant business, MHR Clinic, how his former school mates taunted him for the hair loss in a pub after he went to celebrate scoring twice against Liverpool at Anfield stadium, way back in 2003.

Ryan said,

”We had just won at Anfield and I scored twice,

”I walked into the pub later and was expecting to hear 'Well done' from my mates and all I got was 'Flippin' heck, your barnet's going.”

The Welshman claimed the words got him paranoid and worried,

”I got a little bit paranoid, especially when I was going to be playing on TV or it was going to rain.

”I was almost 30 then. At the end of my teens and in my early 20s I had really thick hair, long hair, curls.”

He speculates that the stresses of playing football at the top might have been the reason behind his accelerated hair loss, especially when the team played under-par.

”Football is stressful. You put yourself under pressure. You're aware of the consequences if you lose a game or don't play well.

”You are under the spotlight and if you have a bad game you're aware of the criticism.

”Then it becomes a little bit more stressful. And stress is related to hair loss,” he said.

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