Pep Guardiola Lashes Out At Barcelona President Over UCL Ban
Manchester City

Pep Guardiola Lashes Out At Barcelona President Over UCL Ban

Austin Papi

Last week, the news of Manchester City’s ban from European club competitions for the next two seasons caused a major stir in the footballing world. The English club was also fined £25million (€30m) for allegedly breaching FFP regulations.

Man City who are planning on appealing the ban have come under scrutiny and criticism, as several of City rivals have welcomed the actions taken by UEFA.

The latest to have given UEFA a thumbs up for banning Man City was Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

In a recent press conference, he said: "I would like to thank UEFA regarding FFP.

“They've been doing fantastic work in the last couple of years.

“We have regular investigations and we have supported UEFA in everything it does in football."

A furious Pep Guardiola who was a former coach in Barcelona, according to BBC Sports reporter, Simon Stone, replied Josep Bartomeu, saying:

"Don’t talk too loud Barcelona that is my advice because everybody is involved in situations.

“We are going to appeal and hopefully in the future, we can play CL against Barcelona."

Man City disputed the ruling from UEFA in an announcement in which the club declared openly that they are "disappointed but not surprised" by the "prejudicial" decision reached by UEFA.

City’s Chief Executive, Ferran Soriano, said the violations the club are accused of are not true and the UEFA’s decision is subject to an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sports.

"The fans can be sure of two things. The first one is that the allegations are false," said Soriano.

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