Salah Is Under-Appreciated At Liverpool - Carragher

Salah Is Under-Appreciated At Liverpool - Carragher

Austin Papi

Jamie Carragher during an interview with Skysports
Jamie Carragher during an interview with Skysports

The Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Carragher, during a match preview recently claimed that the Egyptian forward, Mohammed Salah, is very much undervalued by Liverpool fans and football lovers worldwide.

Former Liverpool captain said,

”With Mo Salah - I think he is underappreciated,

”Salah is seen as world class outside, but with Liverpool fans I think he is a little bit underappreciated. Certainly going form what he did in his first season to now there is a slight dip.”

The former Liverpool defender also declared that based on social media ratings, there are only six world class players in Liverpool, Alisson, Trent Alexander-Anrold, Virgil van Dijk, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and Salah.

But he believes if all six were put up for sale, and any Liverpool fan is asked “who will you sell for £130m?” they would easily pick Salah.

When asked if Salah isn't a selfish player, Carragher replied,

”He can frustrate you a bit but he is so good. He is not a winger, he is a wide forward. I see Salah constantly marked when he gets the ball, he almost marks himself. He does lose the ball a lot in situations like this.

”There is no doubt there is a selfish side to his game. When he is in a shooting position, can I score? He is never normally looking for a pass and that is sometimes a frustration.”

Carragher further claimed that among Liverpool's front three, Mane, Firmino or Salah, it will be hard for anyone especially the young best players around the world to replicate Salah's records in the English Premier League.

”Maybe it is a dream of (Kylian) Mbappe coming in – as European champions. There is also (Jadon) Sancho. Mbappe is world class, Sancho looks on verge of world class. But I think it will be very difficult in first three years if they did sign to get those numbers,” he added.

In an extensive breakdown of Salah’s statistics, Carragher also indicated that he feels Salah would definitely consider leaving the Anfield for a bigger club like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

'It is never easy to replace a player like that. I said 18 months ago I thought Salah would leave. It is a bit simpler why Liverpool don’t demonstrate love for him the same way and they would sell him and it is a sense of affinity, there is a feeling he wants to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona and will take the big move and that is not a criticism,” he concluded.

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