See What Tyson Fury’s Coach Told Him At The 7th Round

See What Tyson Fury’s Coach Told Him At The 7th Round

Jayfred Ugo

Jayfred Ugo

Before Deontay Wilder's team threw in the towel during the historic rematch between him and Tyson Fury, it was disclosed that the final piece of advice Fury’s coach, SugarHill Steward, gave to the ‘gypsy king’, was carried out superbly by Fury in the seventh round.

According to Andy Lee, Tyson Fury trainer, who spoke with iFL TV, SugarHill spoke to Fury in the last round, saying:

“You know what to do, left jab, left jab, feint, feint, step back, one two, he [Tyson Fury] went out and did it. It was perfect,

”He said what he had to say very directly. The only criticism he had for Tyson at the start was his step back was too slow.

”He needed to take a quicker step back and back in to him. He did that after the first round, Tyson made that adjustment.

”Once we got into the sixth round he said, “Go and get him out of there, what are you waiting around [for]?”

Wilder's team had no choice but to halt the bout in the seventh round when they threw in the towel, which meant Tyson Fury was crowned WBC heavyweight champion.

Fury, later on, spoke about his adherence to his Coach, SugarHill's tactics as it proved vital in the later stages of the fight.

However, a rematch between the ’Gypsy King’ and Wilders has already been fixed as a result of the trilogy clause in the contract that was signed during the first bout, and it was triggered by Wilder, who has vowed to reclaim his title and glory.

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