Coronavirus: AC Milan Players, Directors Donate One Day’s Salary

Coronavirus: AC Milan Players, Directors Donate One Day’s Salary

Austin Papi

The club and its foundation, AC Milan and Fondazione Milan, have reaffirmed their efforts to support the battle against the Covid-19 outbreak in the country by donating all their salary for one day.

The Legendary Italian club announced their latest initiative to address the outbreak of Covid-19 through their official club website. They also added that the club’s latest action in the battle against Covid-19 is not only for Italy but for the world as a whole.

AC Milan made an initial donation of €250,000 to AREU (the Lombardy Region's emergency response arm). AC Milan's players and directors added their support by each donating a day's wages to help address the ongoing health emergency in Italy.

The club statement reads:

”We all feel the same sense of responsibility to follow the guidelines set out by our government institutions to help contain the virus, but we can also find ways to give our support to those who are working tirelessly to care for and save those who are affected by the virus.”

AC Milan captain, Alessio Romagnoli, lauded his club for its compassion.

He said, “As Milan Captain, I am proud that the club has decided to make this donation to AREU, who are on the front line of the efforts address this emergency.

”I am also proud of our fans, as I know that a lot of them have been asking to donate their ticket refunds to the cause and I’m proud of all those who are working day and night to tackle and contain the Coronavirus.

”My teammates and I are also very happy that we are able to support them and I am happy that Fondazione Milan is giving everyone else the chance to do the same."

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