Ronaldo And The American Model Who Accused Him Of Rape
Ronaldo And The American Model Who Accused Him Of Rape

“Its Hard To Vote For A Rapist” – Journalist On Why She Didn’t Vote Ronaldo

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Cristiano Ronaldo was snubbed in the Ballon d’Or voting because of off-field problems rather than his contributions on the pitch.

Natasha Raheel, a Pakistani Journalist who voted for the awards sidelined the Portuguese superstar because of rape accusations surrounding him.

Ronaldo finished behind Modric in the final voting calculations but wasn’t placed in the top five by the Pakistan journalist.

When it was brought up to her by a Twitter user she shared her shocking reason for not voting him.

Natasha replied: “Its hard to (v)ote for a rapist. Sorry,” when asked why she didn’t place the five-time Ballon d’Or in her top five.

Recall that Ronaldo was accused of rape by an American ex-model Katryn Mayorga. But the Portuguese superstar firmly denied the accusations as ‘fake news’. The case is however still in Court and Ronaldo is yet to be found guilty or not.

She’s since faced a backlash from Ronaldo fans but has not relent in defence of her choice.

“I’m a quiet person, this is just a lot of attention & I don’t know how to deal with this. I didn’t even think it would snowball into what it did. I was just trying to deal with 1 attacker who was judging my competency just cos they didn’t see their fave player in my top 5.

“The vote was my way to voice my opinion, albeit quietly.
I voted according to the criteria given, each one.
Modric won, who I voted with most points.

“As for voting for Courtois, well I wanted a gk to be in the list, because gks don’t make it much to top 5 a lot, it is a crucial but thankless job, and I voted for one to show appreciation for the craft, it carried the less amount of points in the voting anyway.

“I just couldn’t vote for CR7 out of my conscience, it did not feel right and it just didn’t. You can’t vote for an allegedly rapist. He does not represent good to me. If this makes me less of a credible journalist then so be it.

“In fact as a journalist it felt even worse to be voting for a man that may have abused a woman, a person. Courts will decide, but till then we have to make a point to discourage potential abusers, whoever they are.

“This was my way of saying it, standing up for a victim in whatever little capacity that I could. If this implies I get hate comments then so be it.

Lots of commentators mentioned the fact that she had voted for Messi who’s had issues with Spanish tax authorities.

But the Karachi based journalist took hher time to explain the difference with both situations.

“Now you may get the tax evasion money back, you can’t take away the trauma that is inflicted on the victims, you can’t. So everyone comparing an alleged rape to tax-evasion are obviously not seeing what I’m seeing.

“Now of course football may mean something different to me than to you. My world view can be different than others.

“I’m aware of my weaknesses, too well aware of them. Been covering sports since 2009 now. Didn’t cover cricket because there are already lots of great people doing a brilliant job.

“I hope though that all the CR7 fans can take as much interest in Pakistani football too. Fifa has just sided with Politician and so-called pir (spiritual guide/saint) Faisal Saleh Hayat in a late email Tuesday night.”

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