Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Reunion
Titi's Erotic Notes

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Reunion

Titilayo Olurin

My body quivered under his soft but firm touch. Inhaling sharply, I turned on my back and let his fingers trace the outline of my inner thighs. His fingers, strong and masculine, lingered just beneath the lacey frills of my pant, stroking and caressing the velvety smoothness of my skin. Then he pushed the flimsy item down my thighs and legs to my ankles and discarded it on the floor, by the foot of the bed

Within moments, his fingers were back on my inner thighs, gently working their way up to my warm wetness. There, he fondled and flicked my most sensitive folds with painful slowness, eliciting a moan and another, then a third from me. While I was letting out the third moan, he slid two fingers into me and began to thrust slowly and steadily.

Spreading my thighs, I leaned in towards him and pushed my now throbbing pussy to his thick, hard cock, imploring him to fill my insides. He ignored my urging and turned me around instead, so that my naked slender back and ass cheeks faced him. I felt the warmth of his breath on the nape of my neck even before he used his tongue and lips to tease it. He continued, with his tongue, teasing, tickling and tracing the soft, delicate outline of my neck down to the two dimples in my lower back, just before the curve of my full bottom.

I sighed, arching my back and gripping the sheets with waves of uncontrollable longing, desire, and passion sweeping through my body. Clasping my right shoulder tightly with a hand, he pinned me to the bed, and with the other, he pushed my thighs wider apart and slid his fingers inside me once more, feeling around for my dripping wet clit and exciting all the nerves in me. I squirmed, shuddered, and whimpered with each stroke of his fingers, just as I felt my clit beginning to contract.

“Not yet,” he whispered into my right ear, and I could almost taste the mixture of cigarette smoke and alcohol on his breath. For some unexplainable reason, it tickled me to no end.

Again, I sighed, impatient for the release of waves of pleasure searing up my spine.

“Not yet, darling,”  he repeated. He withdrew his fingers, now glistening with my warm juices, from my pussy and slid them gently back in before sliding them out again. He was teasing me, torturing almost, making sure I was ready to explode.

“Please, Seye,” I begged in a voice I scarcely recognised as mine. It was thick and hoarse with desire.

“Not yet,” he said a third time.

Turning me around to face him – almost forcefully, he cupped one breast and another, kneading and circling each before pinching the hardened nipples on them both. Then he proceeded to kiss me passionately, letting the kiss linger long enough to explore the insides of my mouth. With his tongue, he controlled me and, with his teeth, he made me moan, sucking and nibbling the air out of me. I was breathless but I wanted him. I wanted him more than I ever wanted any man, and he knew it.

Seye had always been aware of the strong, unmistakable sensual aura that surrounded him, he always knew of the control he had over women and how irresistible he was since our days together at the university. I was attracted to him and often wondered about what it would feel like to have his hands all over my body and his cock in me. Now, after meeting him for the first time in five years at an out-of-town conference and returning to his hotel room at the end of the programme, I sure had an idea.

From my breasts and nipples to my navel and just below it, he stroked and caressed before burying his face in my pussy. His warm tongue on my clit, nuzzling and sucking, sent shivers up my spine. Pleasure and excitement racked my body, from my head to my toes.When I was sure I could take no more, he slid the entire length of his thick cock inside me and began to rock back and forth, back and forth, back again, as if to a steady rhythm.

Suddenly withdrawing his cock, he sat up on the edge of the bed, and with his hands firmly on my hips, he placed me on his hard, lean muscled thighs and pushed his shaft inside me once more. While he raised his thighs to fit the entire length of his shaft inside me, I straddled him with my hands around his neck. I threw my head back, as I felt all the pleasure, desire, passion, and excitement of the evening roll into one huge ball and surge right through my body before exploding from my pussy. I let out a series of sharp cries and jerked forward, falling in a heap on his body. Groaning loudly, his climax soon matched mine as I felt him release into me. Silently and out of breath, we locked our bodies in a tight embrace, grateful for the chance of a reunion presented by the conference.

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