Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Third Wheel
Titi's Erotic Notes

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Third Wheel

Kevin David

Kevin David

I was never the adventurous type, especially when it came to sex. I didn’t feel the need to try unconventional stuff. I couldn’t say that my sex life was a little less than boring because whenever I had a partner, I had tons of sex -the slow, steamy, and passionate kind that you always fantasize about. And that was how I liked my sex to be.

After being single for a while, in my late 20s, I found myself having crazy sexual thoughts. I called them crazy because they were, at least to me. I found myself daydreaming more than usual, having wild thoughts in my head. The idea of watching a couple have sex had always been one of my greatest sexual fantasies and that turned me on wildly.

Tope and I met on a business trip about three months ago. We instantly clicked and had an eye for each other – she was friendly, warm, and carefree. We would grab a drink or go shopping during our free time, and I got to bond with her. She was five years younger and she was oozing with life in its fullness. She was so much fun to be around. Being the ladies that we were, of course, we talked about our relationships, and eventually, our fantasies and sex lives. She had a boyfriend, Tunde, and they had been together for almost a year.

Tope and Tunde were my polar opposites – they had literally tried every sex position there was, every location, every sex toy. I mean, everything!

I thought she’d be perplexed at how boring my sex life was, but as I told her about it, she grew more interested. I got to tell her about my many fantasies which included watching a couple have sex, and she insisted that I should bring it to life. Of course, I hesitated, but she gave me an offer I simply couldn’t resist.

“We’ll do it for you! Really, Tunde will be super thrilled.” I was still skeptical at that point. I always thought fantasies were supposed to be, well, just fantasies. But Tope told me she was willing to have sex with her boyfriend in front of me without any hesitation, which got me thinking.

I was up that night until the wee hours, thinking about what she had told me. I knew in my head I always wanted to jump in, but I was too scared, I guess.

I flew back home the day after and kept in touch with Tope. She kept on bugging me about her plans, and a week later, I finally said yes.

She was way more excited than I was and told me she and Tunde would be in town that weekend. “I’ll take care of everything. All you need to do is show up,” she said.

So the weekend came and she called me around 4 pm. “Hey! We’re around. I mean, in town. Our dinner reservation is at seven. Get ready and we’ll see you soon!” she said.

I was still having second thoughts, but I got dressed up and went anyway. After all, I had nothing to lose. I wore a black skater dress that hugged my curves in the right places. It fell a few inches above my knee, and I paired it with a classy red 5-inch pump. I wore my hair down and kept my makeup just sexy, sleek and natural.

I arrived at the restaurant and saw Tope sitting with Tunde. They both looked so good. They actually looked like some ridiculously famous celebrities in their outfits. Tunde was a handsome lad. His hair was ebony black and his shoulders were broad and muscular but not intimidating. Tope, on the other hand, as always, was glittering with this happy aura she always had. I waved at them and took my seat.

We had our dinner, told stories here and there, and I was surprised they didn’t bring up anything about what was going to happen that night. To be honest, it was fine. It actually got my mind off of it for a minute or two. Suddenly, I wasn’t too hesitant or scared anymore.

We went straight to the hotel room after dinner. Tope had booked a suite with a king-sized bed, hot tub and a beautiful view of the city. She also laid down a few elegant and tempting vibrators on the side table that we could use. Also, we had wine on the bed and she began talking about what was about to happen.

“Watch all you want, use any toy as you wish, but please and please, do not touch my boyfriend!” We all burst into laughter. It was a joke because she eventually told me touching is fine, but I was totally okay with not touching anyone but myself.

In the middle of our conversation, Tope started kissing Tunde. She stopped and then told me, “I believe we’re ready, are you?” I went to the couch with my wine and made myself comfortable. Tunde started groping her all over while they kissed deeply.

He started undressing her. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath, so her breasts instantly popped out of her tight dress as Tunde pulled it down. Her breasts looked so perfect.

Tunde made his way to her nipples, kissing and squeezing them alternately. At that point, my breathing became faster and my heart pounded like crazy. This was my dream – seeing people actually have sex right in front of me. It was on a whole other level. I couldn’t believe it was happening.

Tunde slid her dress down to her ankles, and he found his way down effortlessly. Tope was clean shaved and from the looks of it, I supposed she also tasted delightful, too. My pussy started throbbing, making me want to rub it with my hand. So I did, and my legs trembled in pleasure.

Tope started moaning uncontrollably as Tunde continued to dive between her legs. I finally decided to unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor, then I started grabbing my breasts, and continued to play with myself down there.

Tunde started pleasuring Tope from behind.

The sound of their bodies clashing while he was thrusting so deep was the best thing ever. Tunde started groaning so deeply, and it turned me on, on every level and more. I took a hold of one of the vibrators from the table and started sliding it in and out of myself. I gasped and breathed heavily as I felt the girth inside me. At this point, I knew I was going to orgasm pretty soon. Tope had her back against the wall with one leg up against Tunde’s arm, while he pumped harder and harder on her . Seeing them indulging in so much carnal pleasure gave me chills of the good kind.

I slid the vibrator in and out, faster and faster. My eyes were glued to them as their moans became louder, wilder and crazier.

In a matter of seconds, I felt my fluids gushing out of me and my whole body jittered as I came to an intense orgasm.

Tope and Tunde were back on the bed, this time she was humping sensually on top of him while he was rubbing her clitoris. Her bottom looked incredibly fine and her breasts wiggled in all its gloriousness. She swung her hips faster and harder and her eyes rolled up as she came. Tunde finished thereafter and discharged his load inside of her.

It was certainly the most memorable night ever. Tope took my hand and let me lay on the bed with them. We were so exhausted we fell asleep right away. I woke up the next morning feeling a hand on one of my breasts. Whether it was Tunde or Tope, I didn’t care.

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