Titi's Erotic Notes

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The First Time (18+)   

Titilayo Olurin

“It’s like taking the first bite of a piece of cake,” Daniella said, her hands deep in a mixing bowl of smooth batter. She suddenly lifted her right forefinger covered with the fluffy, creamy mixture to her mouth and licked it slowly.

Closing her eyes to relish the taste, she said, “Mmmh! It melts in your mouth like nothing you ever had.”

“Like ice cream!” Sope chipped in with a twinkle in her eye. I did not fail to notice the lingering, nostalgic look that followed.

Was Dokun her first? I wondered. Or was it Seye? Everyone knew that her relationship with Dokun had been rocky at best, but wasn’t it true that sometimes the worst relationships made for the best sex? With Seye, it was different. Her eyes sparkled when she was with him and his would glow when he was with her.

“No. More like heaven!” Tomi quipped. She was helping Daniella whip some cream for the cake.

Today was Tayo’s birthday and my friends had offered to help bake a cake for the surprise party I had planned for him. Since it was the first birthday we were celebrating since we started dating, they figured it was going to happen tonight. Tayo was going to be my first, they said. I wasn’t so certain, though. It wasn’t just going to be my first sexual experience with him. It was going to be my first ever with anyone, and I wanted it to be special.

“Ah, yes! Heaven!” Sope seemed to have a quick rethink about the ice cream.

They were wrong! It was nothing like heaven. There were no angels patting me on my back. There were no fireworks either. And there certainly weren’t any waterworks. You’d cry the first time, they had said. But all there was, was pain, some awkwardness, and more pain.

“Wait! Wait!” Tayo said, trying rather clumsily to reach for his jeans trousers strewn at the far end of the bed while still on top of me, with my legs wrapped around his naked butt cheeks. We had taken the surprise birthday party from the sitting room to my bedroom.

I could have sworn I had heard him say that more times than he had kissed me. I didn’t wait, I couldn’t. The wetness and throbbing between my thighs made me feel like something would erupt within me any minute. My wetness was already dripping on to the bed and my clit felt anything but pleasure.

No, I couldn’t wait. Leaning forward to grab his broad shoulders, I pulled him closer to me and started to trace the rivulets of sweat beginning to form on his forehead down to his upper lip with my tongue. I didn’t care that his sweat tasted salty and stale, with a little sweetness, perhaps from the icing on the cake we girls had rubbed on his face after the party.

“What’s wrong?” I stopped, my eyes glazed over with desire, mouth open, and hands trembling against his shoulders.

“Just wait,” he said, still struggling with his jeans. He was rummaging in his trouser pockets for something.

One more “wait!” and I would hit him in frustration, I was sure. Here I was, naked with my thighs spread open and his strong, long shaft only inches away from my wet slit and all he could say was, “wait.”

“Well, I thought we could use a condom,” he said with a wry grin.

I sighed and sat up on the bed, watching his strong, masculine, and lean features move as he fetched a condom from his pockets and pulled it deftly over his hard, muscled c*ck.

“I want tonight to be perfect,” he said, as soon as he shifted his focus back to me. With one swift movement, he pulled my legs and stretched me out on the bed beneath him.

“Look! … Don’t … ” I said, kissing him hungrily, sucking on his lower lip, then the upper, and nibbling softly on them with my teeth. “Don’t … overthink things … think … of me … mmmh … like any … other … woman … mmmh … you’ve … had.”

He nodded, his eyes dark with lust and passion. I was glad to see the passion back in his eyes. But only for a moment, for he soon drove his shaft inside me, ignoring the protests of my tight p*ssy. The more my tight slit revolted, the more he forced himself till I felt the entire length of his c*ck inside my cunt. Not all the wetness down there could prepare me for the pain that followed.

I held my breath, dug my teeth into my lower lip, then balled my hands into fists and nearly pushed one into my mouth to keep from screaming.

But he was done before I could make a fuss. Done! He had cum, groaned, moved over, and was beginning to snore when I looked down to see the blood between my thighs. Disappointed, dissatisfied and in pain, I turned and folded myself into a foetal position with my hands between my thighs.

Tayo’s warm breath on my neck woke me the next morning. Without a word, he began nibbling on my right earlobe and neck, his hands on my naked breasts, slowly and gently massaging one after the other. He pinched each nipple with a thumb and forefinger, making sure they were hard, before sliding his fingers into my slit, now glistening with wetness. He probed and poked, letting his fingers linger. I could feel his c*ck twitching and standing erect behind me before he slid it gently and slowly inside my waiting cunt.

I shut my eyes, bracing myself for pain. But there was none, only pleasure. I gasped and let out a loud moan, whimpering and writhing as he continued to rock his c*ck gently back and forth inside me from behind. He groaned, moving and rocking to a rhythm we were creating with our naked bodies. I felt my body go into spasms and I knew it was time, time to experience something I had never felt before. Moaning loudly, I turned a hand around and grabbed one of his butt cheeks, digging my nails into his flesh. He groaned, sighed and groaned again.

Within seconds, something rolled through me in short waves and exploded between my thighs as I shivered and whimpered. Tayo held off, taking his time, before shooting his cum into my cunt. Soon, I felt something wet and gooey inside me and oozing out of my cunt down my thighs as I lay spent on the bed - happy and satisfied.

This! This was how I imagined my first time would be. And as far as I was concerned, it was my first time; my first time ever having an orgasm, first time feeling cum inside me and first time knowing sex could be this pleasurable. Yes, it was my first time and it was heavenly, after all.

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