Seventh heaven
Seventh heaven
Titi's Erotic Notes

Titi’s Erotic Notes: Seventh Heaven (18+)

Titilayo Olurin

“Well, that took you long enough!’’ Uche said, flipping through the pages of a magazine on my dressing table, not turning to look at me.

“Sorry about that. Had to wash my hair,” I started towards my improvised mini-bar on barefoot with a hand in my soft, dripping wet hair. The bar was little more than an old shelf with a few beer bottles, a bottle of Vodka and a couple of glass cups, but it served me well.

“You don’t like Vodka?” I asked, pouring myself a glass of the fine spirit as I looked at Uche’s untouched glass.

He shrugged, still not turning around.

What did that mean? Did he like Vodka or not? Was he angry I had taken too long in the bathroom? I wasn’t sure.

I drank my half glass of Vodka in a gulp and poured myself another, which I set on the shelf. Then I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around his lean, muscled waist. I planted a kiss on his bare neck, then another, and another, till I was tracing invisible lines down his back with my lips.

He was naked from his waist up and it was a struggle keeping my hands off his body.

“Mmmh!” he purred, holding my hands to his abs. He turned to look at me, letting his gaze fall on the knot I had made with my towel just above my chest.

With a finger right in the middle of the knot, he pulled it loose, letting the white towel slide down to the floor and exposing my big, round boobs and hard nipples on beautiful, wide areolas.

I smiled, just before he pulled me to him, grabbing my ass, then squeezing and spanking it. His d*ck was growing hard against my naked cl*t. It took me only a moment to reach down, undo his button and zipper and let his trousers fall to the carpeted floor. His bluish green pant did little to mask his monster, and as soon as I removed the brief covering, I held it in my hand, feeling its weight.

Kneeling, I grabbed a handful of his butt cheeks, digging well-manicured nails into them as I did so, and placed his monster in my mouth. Then I started to suck and stroke it with my tongue.

“Oh, yea! That’s it!” he purred, moving his waist to the stroking rhythm of my mouth. “Ooooh! Yeeeeesss!”

He reached down and grabbed my wet hair with a hand, pushing his c*ck further into my mouth, pounding faster and harder. With the other hand, he grabbed one of my boobs, squeezed it hard, then held my hardened nipple with his forefinger and thumb and began to pinch and roll it.

“Ahh!” I moaned with a mouthful of d*ck.

“Yeeeees, Baby!!” he groaned, ramming his c*ck against the insides of my mouth, pushing and thrusting. He continued for some more minutes before pulling out just in time to spill his cum all over my face and boobs.

He raised me up from my knees and looked at me with a small, mischievous grin playing around his lips. “Come! Let’s go wash off.”

“But I just had my bath,” I protested, trying to clean off some of the cum on my face with the back of my hands and licking the rest that spilled on to my lips.

He grinned again, wider this time, revealing white even teeth. It was just one of the many things I loved about him – his teeth. It was also the first thing I had noticed about him when he joined the law firm. He was intelligent, too. But I had found nothing as attractive as his sexual appeal. I had also heard of his sexual prowess; one most of my female colleagues kept talking about in hushed tones. Apparently, he had wormed his way into the hearts and beds of a handful of them. It wasn’t my business. All I wanted was to experience what everyone was talking about. Experience it I did, for the first time two nights ago, after our boss’ send forth party. It was nothing but pure heaven and I wanted more.

“Oh, come on!” he broke into my thoughts, leading the way into the bathroom. I ambled after him with my wet cl*t throbbing in excitement.

In the shower, it didn’t take long for his d*ck to rise again. After a few strokes with my hands and tongue, he was inside me, thrusting from behind as I held on to the wall.

“Yeeees! There, Baby!” I whimpered, grabbing his ass and holding a leg up to accommodate his entire length.

Uche saw this as an invitation and took it. Immediately, he rammed his c*ck harder inside me with one swift movement and buried it deep in my p*ssy.

“Oh, Uche!” I cried, arching my head back, shutting my eyes and licking my lips. “Faster! Yea! Like that!”

He liked what he was doing to me, I could tell, for he suddenly pulled out and turned me around, pushing my back heavily into the tiled wall. He placed his hands just under my knees and raised me up, then lifting my weight, he proceeded to slam me down on his long, hard c*ck.

“Oh, F*CK!” I screamed in pleasure.

He grabbed my boobs and began to massage them, slowly at first, then faster. My hardened nipples were soon in his mouth, as he sucked on them one after the other. His lips moved from my nipples to my mouth, and he tickled and teased with his tongue till I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ooohhh!” I moaned again, trembling as his d*ck found my G-spot and started grinding against it. I dug my nails into his ass, drawing him even farther inside me.

“Yeeeess! Make me cum, Uche!” I worked my hips against him, breathing in sharply as they began to jerk.

He obeyed, ramming himself harder till his d*ck reached the hilt of my wet p*ssy. Then he groaned, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and began shooting his jizz inside me, transporting me to some place I had never been before - some place that felt like seventh heaven!

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