Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Good Neighbour (18+)
The Good Neighbour
Titi's Erotic Notes

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Good Neighbour (18+)

Titilayo Olurin

“Mind your business!” Simi’s soft, sonorous voice belts off the speakers next door.

With my eyes shut and lips pressed into a thin line, I turn and toss, rolling around on the silk bedsheet, blindly reaching for the pillow beside me and placing it on my head.

I squeeze my eyes shut even tighter, hoping that it would somehow block out the sound. It does not.

“Who say make you no mind am?” Simi’s melodious voice continues to tease in a way that makes me edgy.

I sigh, hiss, sigh again, then throw the pillow as far across the room as I can with my eyes still shut.

“Busy body o!” Simi is relentless in her determination to drive me up the wall.

My eyes fly open. I sit up, with blood immediately rushing to my temples and making me dizzy.

I am angry, angry at my new neighbour who has Simi’s song on replay, angry that I can’t get the rest I so much desire.

With my eyes groggy from sleep, or lack of it, I get up and throw my kimono carelessly on my flimsy nightdress, and within minutes, I am at the door adjacent to mine, pounding on it with my hands balled into fists.

Soon, there is a sound of shuffling feet inside the house, followed by some loud swearing and rubber soles lazily approaching the door. The door opens and a tall, dark man in his early thirties, with a fine jawline and dark, sensual eyes appears shirtless at the doorway.

The pungent mixture of stale sweat and perfume hits me first. It is as strong as it makes me irritable. Next, is his virile masculinity, highlighted by the sheen of sweat covering his bare chest. I can tell he has been exercising and I do not fail to notice the bulge against his cotton workout shorts.

He looks me over, his eyes stopping to linger on my firm round boobs and the small mound of hair between my thighs, visible through the sheer lace fabric of my nightdress.

“I … I … I wa – s wondering if you could turn down the volume …” I find myself stammering, conscious of the fact that I am naked under my nightdress and of the amount of virility I am enveloped by.

Pulling the kimono tightly around me, sorry that I didn’t take its belt with me, I pick a spot on the ceiling behind him and stare at it.

“ … of my radio, yea?” he finishes for me, his voice deep and rich.

This is my first time of speaking to him since he moved in and his voice leaves a sudden throbbing between my thighs.

All I do is nod, my irritableness now completely forgotten.

“Right! Of course,” he says curtly, looking me over again, his dark eyes boring holes through the kimono.

For some reason I can’t explain, I wonder if he likes what he sees. I loosen my grip on the kimono, inviting him to feast his eyes. He does.

When he has had his fill, he asks with a glint in his eyes, “Would you like to come in?”

“Yea, sure,” I say, without hesitation, trying not to sound too eager and pretending not to notice the increase in the size of his bulge against his shorts.

The electricity that shoots through my body when my right arm brushes against his lean, muscled chest as I pass by him into his house makes me gasp.

“Sorry … ” I giggle nervously, stepping into his sitting room. With only a chair, a stationary bike and exercise balls placed at a corner, the room is sparsely furnished. I know now that he is a fitness junkie, which explains his toned muscles.

He is behind me when I turn around and I am surprised by his hard chest in my face. He grabs my elbow to keep me steady, before his lips are on mine, without warning, hungry and demanding. I meet his hunger, kissing back, letting my tongue explore his.

His hands are on my boobs, squeezing through the nightdress. Soon, his hands are under my dress, on my skin, pinching my hard nipples, one after the other, and tracing invisible lines with his hands up my thighs to find my cl*t.

I gasp, as he begins to massage my wetness with skills I have never known before.

“Yes! …” I want to say his name, but I realise now that I do not know it. I want to ask but the feel of his fingers sliding into my warm p*ssy, pushing and probing, throws that thought out of my mind.

“Ah!” I moan, grinding my hips against his fingers.

With his hands on my shoulders, he removes my kimono. Then I raise my hands to let him pull my nightdress over my head and on to the carpeted floor. He stares at me a moment, taking in the fullness of my tits, my hardened nipples on big, round areolas, my small waist sitting delicately on wide hips, and the space between my thick thighs, before he pulls me to him and lets his mouth ravage mine.

His hands are on my smooth, springy tits again, caressing and teasing.

“Ah, yes!” I purr, feeling his hands move from my boobs to my thighs then my warmth. I reach for his workout shorts. There is no button or zipper, just an elastic band and I pull it down to his ankles, setting his monstrous c*ck free.

“Get on the floor!” I order.

He obeys, already guessing what I have in mind, and lies with his back on the floor. I let him get comfortable before I mount him, sliding gently down on his c*ck. I am tight and wet, and as his shaft meets my warmth, we both gasp.

I pound him, harder and harder, faster and faster, letting my boobs bounce back and forth in his face. He grabs and squeezes them, as he thrusts his hips into me.

The loud slapping sounds of our bodies fill the room, overpowering Simi’s voice on the speakers.

“Fu-- fu – Ck!” he groans.

“Yea! You like that?” I pound, moaning louder as an indescribable sensation fills my body. “Eh? You like my p*ssy?”

“Yea! Fu –CK! Fu—CK!” he groans.

He lifts my thighs and withdraws his cock a little, before shoving it back in, letting me cry out in pleasure. My warm juice spills out, running down his ball sack as he grips my tight butt cheeks and squeezes them, digging his fingers inside my soft flesh. I respond in like manner, gripping his stomach and letting my finger nails dig into his taut muscles, feeling my hips twitch as he shoves his d*ck harder inside me.

It is time! I see it in his eyes, and as he begins to shoot his jizz inside me, I let myself go. With my mouth wide open, eyes bulging, and hips jerking, I let out a loud cry before collapsing in a heap on him.

Raising myself to look at him moments later, I catch a mischievous grin playing around his lips.

I do not wonder for too long what he is thinking, for he soon asks, “Should we go again?”

Not hesitating, I reply, “Yes!”

He turns, pushing me to the floor, while he stays on top of me.

“I’ll be on top this time,” he says, wasting no time in squeezing my tits with one hand and getting my warmth ready for his rising d*ck with the other.

He is good, I tell myself. Oh, he is! That is all I need to know, not his name.

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